WWT Non-Rotating Protectors™

Reducing Torque, Drag & Casing Protection

WWT Non-Rotating Protectors™ (NRP) are the world’s most widely used mechanical drill-string torque and friction reducer applicable in various well types to optimize energy delivery to bit by significantly reducing torque, drag, casing and riser wear, heat checking and buckling.  Often referred to a "drill pipe rubbers" our NRP solution provides one of the most efficient solutions for reducing drill string torque and protecting casing and drill pipe.  

Benefits & Features:

  • Stand-off between the drill-pipe and wellbore to prevent casing wear, riser wear, and heat-checking – casing integrity
  • Sliding and rotating friction factor reduction - torque and drag reduction
  • OCTG Protection & abrasion reduction
  • Robust but drillable design proven in the world’s harshest and most challenging wells – proven product
  • Comprehensive torque and drag analysis provided with all potential applications – T&D expertise
  • Safe and fast installation offline or online without adding connections - safety
  • Compatible with oil-based, synthetic based, and water-based mud systems - compatibility
  • Cased and open-hole capabilities – longer bit runs
  • Placement flexibility for BOP space-out - safety
  • Secure installation preventing slippage in high side-force and MPD operations - reliable
  • On/off-site technical support and direction - experience
  • 30 years of knowledge and experience focused on continual improvement in product design and field operations – customer driven

NRP Assembly

WWT Non-Rotating Protectors™ are installed on the drill pipe and create a standoff, effectively isolating the drill string while preventing damage to critical contact areas of the casing and riser. The NRP assembly consists of a low friction advanced polymer sleeve and two aluminum collar clamps that hold the assembly in place to optimize drilling performance.