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WWT JetGuide™



Casing JetGuide

The WWT JetGuideTM provides substantial hydraulic force to help wash through trouble zones. This patented design includes an integrated flapper valve that closes to direct flow through high-velocity jetting nozzles, creating a turbulent stream that moves cuttings and debris up hole. Thereby, mitigating hang-ups, while effectively washing casing through hole conditions such as sloughing formation or settled cuttings.  The flapper allows unrestricted flow into the centerline, enabling use of auto-fill float equipment. At a customer-specified flow rate, differential pressure created by the nozzles actuates shear tabs in the flapper, converting the shoe for cementing, or as a fail-safe feature in the event of plugged nozzles.

Benefits & Features:

  • The WWT JetGuideTM has no metal in the drill-out path, resulting in a swift drill-out with less risk than competing shoes.
  • Float collar is installed separately above the shoe.
  • High velocity casing shoe, providing up to 30x more hydraulic force compared to standard shoes.
  • Available in eccentric or concentric profiles.
  • Modular design with adjustable TFA, enabling high-velocity jetting at almost any flow rate.