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Non-Rotating Protectors™
WWT Non-Rotating Protectors™

Non-Rotating Protectors™

Optimizes drilling performance by delivering maximum energy to the bit

Safe & fast installation offline & online without additional connection

Compatible with oil-based and mud-based systems

Cased & open-hole capabilities

Coiled Tubing Tractors™
WWT Coiled Tubing Tractors™

Coiled Tubing Tractors™

Over 1,500,000 Feet Tractored - Most powerful tractor in the market

Thru-bore design enables ball drop, e-line pass thru and live logging

20 Years Proven Downhole Experience

All hydraulic operation, no e-line required

Performance Casing Flex & Guide Shoes
Performance Casing Flex
& Guide Shoes

Performance Casing Flex & Guide Shoes

Durable & Cost-effective for every well type

Reduces Casing Load

Moves cuttings and debris uphole to mitigate hang-ups

Modular design allows for tool flexibility

WWT Slider-Clamp™


Reduces sliding friction by up to 50% to help completions reach target depth

Ultra-corrosion resistant banding

Protects ESP cable and/or control line & capillary tubing from damage

Redundant, high-strength double-band clamp

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Who We Are

WWT International (WWT) solves many of the challenges encountered in drilling, completion and intervention work. We excel because of our ability to listen and rapidly respond with innovative products and services for the specialized applications of our customers. We are known for our ingenuity, integrity, excellence and the strong relationships we form with our customers. We are passionate about their success, and that’s why we are industry leaders today.

Since 1988, when we developed the original WWT Non-Rotating Drill pipe Protector (NRP) to help drillers reduce high rotary torque and casing wear, we have grown exponentially. To overcome drag, buckling and other problems associated with horizontal drilling, we introduced the WWT SuperSlider Protector. Casing running challenges are addressed by our FlexShoes and specialized selection of Jet and JetReam Guides to reduce the risk of landing casing short of TD. For Coiled Tubing applications, WWT pushed the limits with custom-engineered solutions – high-performance, hydraulically operated Coiled Tubing Tractors and support equipment that expand CT capabilities in extended reach wells.

As operators go to greater depths in harsher conditions to meet the world’s energy needs, we are committed to helping them solve their complex challenges. Our depth of oil and gas industry knowledge and experience, engineering expertise, and commitment to the highest level of product excellence and service enable us to continually enhance our products, apply them to new applicational challenges, and develop custom solutions that deliver maximum results.

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