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WWT’s experienced engineering team runs Torque and Drag analyses at no cost to determine appropriate applications and the optimal location for WWT products. Numerous modeling methods, including soft string, stiff string, 3D beam element, and FEA are utilized to provide technical support to customers.


FF Analysis

FF Analysis

TFA Plot

TFA Plot

Explanation of Torque and Drag Modeling


A torque and drag analysis involves using computer simulations or mathematical models to predict the torque and drag forces that will be encountered during drilling. This analysis can help engineers optimize drilling parameters, such as weight on bit, drilling fluid properties, and wellbore geometry, to reduce the likelihood of encountering problems related to torque and drag.

How Torque and Drag Modeling Works


The analysis typically involves inputting data such as the length and diameter of the drilling parameters, the drill string, and bottom hole assembly properties, the characteristics of the drilling fluid, and the properties of the casing and wellbore.


The software then calculates the torque and drag forces that will be experienced during various drilling operations such as backreaming, run in hole, pull out of hole, and drilling. Torque and drag software analyze various drilling parameters including torque and drag, contact forces, pick up and slack off weights, drill pipe stress, twist, pipe stretch, and buckling.


The output of the analysis can include graphs, charts, and numerical data that can be used to optimize drilling operations and wellbore designs to improve overall drilling efficiency. The analysis can help drilling engineers make informed decisions about drilling parameters and equipment to minimize problems related to torque & drag and achieve optimal results.


Torque and Drag Modeling Chart

Torque and Drag Modeling Chart

Benefits of Torque and Drag Analysis


  • Supercharged Efficiency:

Optimize drilling parameters and bid farewell to delays. Torque and drag analysis helps you work smarter, not harder, for efficient drilling.

  • Equipment Performance Boost:

Identify potential failures and wear early on. Maximize equipment performance and minimize downtime headaches.

  • Drilling Insight:

Stay one step ahead of challenges. Torque and drag analysis lets you anticipate obstacles and plan strategies in advance.

  • Casing Mastery:

Wave goodbye to casing nightmares. Design the perfect casing program, ensuring wellbore integrity.

  • Significant Savings:

Enjoy cost savings by optimizing operations, reducing downtime, and preventing equipment mishaps.

Input Questionnaire for Analysis

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