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4th Edition of Downhole Insights with WWT

The Impact of Non-Rotating Protectors on Composite Casing In Drilling Operations

In this edition, we delve into the critical role of composite casing in the drilling industry and the unique challenges it presents. Our focus is on the innovative solution provided by WWT's Non-Rotating Protectors (NRP), which safeguard the casing by preventing direct contact between the rotating steel tool joints and the softer composite casing. This not only extends the casing's lifespan but also significantly reduces wear and tear.

Through comprehensive in-house testing, we demonstrate the effectiveness of NRPs in minimizing wear on composite casing. Our real-world application in KSA, where NRPs were used on a partial composite liner, further underscores their efficacy in preserving composite integrity.

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Meet the Author: Rami Bou Hadir Rami, a Regional Engineer at WWT International, brings 13 years of experience in product technical support, operations management, and client relations. Known for his hands-on approach, Rami values the collaborative spirit and support among team members at WWT, akin to a family-like atmosphere.

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