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North Dakota Operator Eliminates Tieback Strings on Pad Wells

Location: North Dakota
Well Type: Horizontal Pad Wells
Objective: Casing Protection Solution: WWT NRPs
Results: USIT Log Proves Minimal Casing Wear with NRPs Installed

NRPs Provide 15% Torque Reduction in 7,000m S-Shaped Well

Location: Latin America
Well Type: S-Shaped
Objective: Torque Reduction & Casing Protection
Solution: WWT NRPs
Results: 15% Torque Reduction and Maintained Casing Integrity

Reduced Drill Pipe Wear with WWT Non-Rotating Protectors in Lateral Wells

Region: Permian
Product: NRP
Well Type: Lateral
Service: Reduce Drill Pipe Wear

Reduced Torque and Rig Cost due to Non-Rotating Protectors

Location: Permian
Well Type: Horizontal
Objective: Torque Reduction
Solution: WWT SS3‐500 NRPs
Results: Torque and Cost reductions

S4 Non-Rotating Protector High Temperature Performance

Location: California
Well Type: Geothermal
Objective: Casing Protection
Solution: S4 NRPs
Results: Durability in high temperatures and open hole

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