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Canadian Operator Improves Weight Transfer in Horizontal Well

Location: Canada
Well Type: Horizontal Shale
Objective: Improved weight transfer
Solution: WWT SS3 installed mid-span above and through build section
Results: Reduced Buckling and Improved Drilling Performance

Challenging Horizontal Well with Expected Casing Wear

Location: Middle East
Well Type: Horizontal
Objective: Casing Protection
Solution: WWT NRPs
Results: 7” liner protected from KOP to liner shoe throughout bit run.

Challenging Horizontal Well with Expected High Torque – Middle East

Location: Middle East
Well Type: Horizontal
Objective: Torque Reduction
Solution: WWT NRPs
Results: Torque Reduced by 38% when WWT NRPs reached recommended area.

Conveyance of Coiled Tubing Tool Strings

Sakhalin Island, Russia
Job: 0401
Well Depth:     9,300 meters + TMD
2,600 meters + TVD
Problem: The conveyance of tool stings carrying perforating guns and production logging instruments to TMD beyond that of the coiled tubing helical lock-up point.
Solution: The WWT International Inc. Intervention Tractor, developing 8,500 lbs. of force and installed at the end of the coiled tubing, was able to deliver tool strings to the desired location on 5 runs into the well, accumulating over 4,300 meters of walking distance at up to 17 ft. per minute.

GOM Operator Preserves Casing in Deepwater Development Wells

Location: USA Gulf of Mexico
Well Type: Deepwater directional
Objective: Casing Protection and torque reduction
Solution: WWT SS NRPs across KOP
Results: Casing protection, 25% torque Reduction, and additional side tracks

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