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18% Torque Reduction after Installing WWT Non-Rotating Protectors

Location: Middle East
Well Type: Build-and-Hold Directional
Objective: Torque Reduction
Solution: WWT SS3-500 NRPs
Results: 18% Torque Reduction

Acid Stimulation with Slim WWT 212 Tractor and CT Services Fiber Optic DTS

Region: KSA
Product: WWT 212 ELG Tractor
Well Type: Oil Producer
Service: Logging and Stimulation in ERD well

Canadian Operator Improves Weight Transfer in Horizontal Well

Location: Canada
Well Type: Horizontal Shale
Objective: Improved weight transfer
Solution: WWT SS3 installed mid-span above and through build section
Results: Reduced Buckling and Improved Drilling Performance

Casing Protection and Heat Checking Prevention due to Non-Rotating Protectors

Location: Gulf of Mexico
Well Type: Deepwater
Objective: Reduce Casing Wear and Heat Checking
Solution: WWT SS-658 NRPs
Results: Mitigated Casing Wear Shown in Log Results

Challenging Horizontal Well with Expected Casing Wear

Location: Middle East
Well Type: Horizontal
Objective: Casing Protection
Solution: WWT NRPs
Results: 7” liner protected from KOP to liner shoe throughout bit run.

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